Paper Planes (iOS/Android)

Google Play
Source Code

I built Paper Planes, a mobile game, to teach myself Unity/C#. In the process, I learned about design patterns such as the factory pattern, object pooling, and the entity-component system, and also learned vector and quaternion mathematics. This game took me a few months to build, and I wrote the code and created the art assets with Adobe Illustrator. I found music/sound effects from free sources online. It was an exciting experience to have my friends play the game and to have it approved by the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It now has 500+ downloads!

Technologies used:

  • C#/Unity Engine
  • Adobe Illustrator


Time Tracking Bot

Source Code

An email/visualization bot I made to help my friends and I be more productive! The bot helps visualize daily-time-spent-doing-something data for me and my friends using a spreadsheet where we document the categories where we spend the most time every day, such as doing HW, working on extracurriculars, building personal projects, etc.

This bot uses the Google Sheets API to manage the spreadsheet automatically, creating a new one at the start of every day. It also uses the API to read the sheet for the previous day and uses Matplotlib generate a graph showing the major categories spent every day. It then sends a personalized email to each person with the graph and an outline of the top time-usage categories.

I’m currently running the bot using a daily Cron job on AWS EC2.

Technologies used:

  • Python
  • Google Sheets API (sheets processing)
  • MatplotLib (graphing)
  • SMTPLib (emailing)
  • AWS EC2 (hosting)


icon128 YouTube Blocker

Chrome Store
Source Code

I built this Chrome extension to get the experience of shipping a software product. The extension records the number of YouTube videos the user has watched, and then notifies them to stop watching videos once they pass a certain limit. To build this, I learned HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Through the development process, I learned a great amount about setting and adjusting expectations, partitioning time spent planning vs. building features, and keeping on the timeline I’d set forth for myself. Finally, I was able to get working, create promotional images/materials for it, and publish it to the Chrome Store. Now, it has over 3000 weekly users.

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript


Bill Splitter App

Source Code

A mobile app I made that splits restaurant bills among friends! After going out with my friends and having frustrations with splitting bills between multiple people, I decided to make this. The app supports parties with variable number of party members, individual items, shared items, and tax/gratuity.

Technologies used:

  • C#/Unity Engine

CS YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

I created a YouTube channel called ChillCS, where I teach CS topics in an entertaining way. It is my hope that I can make traditionally dry topics more engaging and appealing to newbies. Currently, my videos have over 18,000 views combined and have garnered many happy comments.